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Should I Get A Gas Or Electric Boiler In Home

Some homeowners are confused about whether to install a gas boiler or an electric boiler. Here, we’ll explain how both types of boilers function, as well as some of their primary advantages and disadvantages.

What is the definition of a gas boiler?

A gas boiler is a type of heating system that uses gas to heat your home’s water. This hot water is then sent through pipes to your radiators for heating, as well as to a cylinder or straight to your taps for hot water (depending on the type of boiler installed).

Natural gas or liquid petroleum gas can be used to power gas boilers (LPG). Natural gas boilers take their fuel from an underground network, whereas LPG boilers get their gas from bottles or cylinders, which must be changed on a regular basis.

What is the definition of an electric boiler?

Electric boilers, unlike gas boilers, heat the water that is provided to your taps, cylinders, and radiators using electricity. Electric combi boilers are also available, and these systems can use the same boiler types as gas boilers.

The advantages and disadvantages of using a gas boiler over an electric boiler



  • Gas boilers are often less expensive to operate.
  • Natural gas is widely used to heat homes in the United Kingdom.
  • Gas boilers are made by a lot of industries.
  • Gas is always normally accessible.
  • Large heating and hot water demands may be accommodated.
  • The replacement of a boiler is usually easy.
  • Gas boilers using condensing technology are more energy efficient.


  • Installations may be rather costly.
  • Gas leaks are a possibility; however, this may be avoided by hiring a professional and qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to execute the installation.
  • The gas grid network is not connected to every house.



Electric boilers have the advantage of being less expensive to install.

Because no fossil fuels are burned during operation, they can be more energy efficient (although they may be used to generate electricity)

The size is small.

The operation is quiet.

It’s possible that you won’t need annual services (though they are often recommended)

Because there is no flue or gas waste pipe, they do not need to be positioned against an exterior wall.


Running costs might be high.

Due to boiler input rating limitations, it is not suggested for bigger homes or homes with significant heating and hot water demands.

Electricity generation can result in a significant quantity of carbon emissions.

Access to heating and hot water may be impacted if there is a power cut.

Costs of installation and maintenance

Gas boiler installations are said to be more expensive than electric boiler installations, however, this might vary depending on the job’s difficulty.

In general, gas boilers are less expensive to operate. Gas can be up to four times cheaper per kilowatt-hour than electricity*. Natural gas is the cheapest choice accessible to customers, so installing a gas heater in your house might save you money in the long run.

Efficiencies in energy

Some may believe that electric boilers are more energy-efficient since they squander less energy. However, the effort required to generate the electricity that powers these boilers is carbon-intensive, and as a result, these boilers may pollute the environment more than gas boilers.

Gas boilers may save you up to £200 on your annual energy bill when used properly.

Brands of gas and electric boilers

An annual service is required for gas-fueled boilers to guarantee that they are working safely and effectively. Most manufacturers demand yearly maintenance as part of their manufacturer-backed warranty. A yearly service may provide you with a piece of mind by ensuring that your heating system is in good operating order.

Electric boilers, on the other hand, do not require annual servicing. Because they are often manufactured with fewer moving components, the only maintenance required is to ensure that repairs are conducted as needed.

The installation of your new boiler

ALL HEATING ONE can assist you in selecting the most appropriate heating system for your house. A skilled ALL HEATING ONE engineer could give you a first-class boiler installation using a variety of gas boilers from renowned brands.

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