Sunamp Heat Batteries

Sunamp batteries are made by the most advanced PCM Heat Battery energy storage company in the world. They develop, design and manufacture their heat batteries at their headquarters and factory in East Lothian, Scotland, UK.Replacing the traditional hot water cylinder Sunamp Heat Batteries are super-compact in design and easy to install and require little to maintenance. Approximately 80% of energy used in the home is for heat, Sunamp Heat Batteries use thermal energy storage to make homes and buildings more efficient and sustainable, while reducing carbon emissions. To find the right product for your project, use our quick and simple product selection tool.

Direct Water Heater

Sunamp Heat Batteries

The sleek alternative to direct cylinders saving space and energy.
Available in four sizes which can also be combined, these are the right solution to perfectly match the hot water requirements of your property.

The perfect replacement for direct hot water cylinders. Heated by an internal element supplying hot water at the temperature you need for your property including powerful showers.
How does Sunamp work?

Instead of trying to heat up a large amount of water – which is time-consuming and not energy efficient – Sunamp uses electricity to heat up the material inside the battery. This material heats up rapidly and stays warm for far longer than water. It loses 2 to 4 times less heat than a traditional hot water tank – saving money and reducing CO2 emissions. When water is run through pipes inside the PCM battery, the water is heated up instantly to bring you fast-flowing hot water on demand.

What is it made from?

The Sunamp battery is made from inorganic, Sodium Acetate based PCM material. This is the technical name for what is actually a food-grade material, used (amongst other things) as a common flavouring for salt and vinegar crisps. It’s non-toxic, plentiful and easy to source, non-flammable, and has a long life (50 years of daily use and no degradation).

Sunamp and Heat Pumps

Sunamp Heat Batteries


Cascades of hot water from a heat pump

Providing the hot water storage needed by heat pumps in a space saving Sunamp Heat Battery. Working with low temperature heat pumps to provide hot water for your home.

With a signal for the heat pump the batteries can be boosted electrically if required with an internal element acting as an automatic backup so you always have hot water.


Sunamp Hot Water System​

Sunamp is the most advanced domestic water heating battery in the world that heats water for domestic properties. It can store 4x more energy than traditional hot water tanks (for a given volume of material), doesn’t require maintenance, and is smaller than a slim dishwasher.

Unlike hot water tanks which can often be full of sediment or even harmful bacteria like legionella – Sunamp heats water instantly as it passes through the unit, meaning all the water you wash in is fresh and clean.

It’s non-toxic, plentiful and easy to source, non-flammable and has an extremely long life. It can easily achieve 50 years of daily use with no signs of degradation.


  • No maintenance
  • Stores 4x more energy than traditional hot water tanks
  • Small and compact, it can fit anywhere
  • Heats water instantly, on-demand
  • All the warm water you wash with is fresh, clean and hasn’t been sitting in a tank for hours
  • The battery can be expected to run for 50+ years without degradation
  • Legionella risk is significantly reduced compared to regular water tanks as it doesn’t store water directly