Loft Insulation Installers Paisley

Loft insulation installers Paisley keeps heat from escaping through your roof.  It’s usually installed between the joists on your attic’s floor to provide a thermal barrier between the warm living space below and the freezing attic above. Properly placed loft insulation helps to keep your home warm by slowing the escape of rising heat. Internal wall insulation costs vary depending on the kind of insulation used and the condition of the existing wall. Under the government's ECO initiative, funds for interior wall insulation for solid walls are offered to qualified homes.

Purpose Of Loft Insulation Installation In Pailsey

A roof with little or no insulation loses a lot of heat, and in some cases, close to a third of the temperature in a household can be lost this way. Insulating your loft properly is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

A better-insulated loft can have two layers of the building envelope, one on top of the other, to a depth of 300mm. It is critical to take extra precautions when insulating your loft to ensure that water tanks and pipes are well insulated to prevent them from freezing and that electrical equipment such as ceiling downlights and electric shower cables are protected from fire risk. 

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How Do You Install Loft Boarding Over Insulation?

When thick quilt insulation is placed, you may be asking how to install boards. Do you squish it and screw the boards to the trusses/joists? Do you take the insulation out? Is there another way?


  • Above the insulation, build a raised boarded space.
  • To create a safe elevated boarding area, use equipment such as Loft Legs.
  • Knowing how to finish the procedure ahead of time prevents you from being one of the many loft owners who aren’t getting the most out of their insulation.


  • Don’t forget to start with a structural study to guarantee your loft can handle the extra storage weight. All lofts in new homes will be constructed to support storage weights of 25Kg per square metre, plus the weight of a person walking in the loft (BS 6399-1:1996).
  • Don’t put insulation directly on top of downlights. Before putting insulation over the fittings, use a downlight cover, such as a Loft Lid.
  • Insulation should not be used to block any vents, such as soffit vents.
  • Squeezing the insulation can diminish its thermal effectiveness by more than 50%.
  • Installing loft boards directly to joists or trusses is not recommended.
  • Remove no insulation since this might diminish the loft’s thermal effectiveness.

Loft Insulation Installers Cost Paisley

You may save between £115 and £215 each year by insulating your loft. As a result, it is a wise investment. You may be able to obtain a discount from your installer if you use the same type of insulation as for your cavity wall. Loft insulation typically costs between £400 and £600.

Looking For The Best Loft Insulation Installers In The Pailsey?

All Heating One is a certified company with government-approved loft insulation installers. Qualifying householders may be eligible for government aid to cover the cost of new cavity wall and loft insulation, as well as boiler replacements, which will save you money on your energy costs each year.

All of our qualified and experienced installers are completely trained and experienced in all aspects of loft insulation. If necessary, they may explain the entire procedure to you on-site. Our qualified and skilled installers also provide complete liability insurance they can impair the loft’s thermal performance. You can always count on us and reach us by searching for loft insulation companies/ specialists near me.

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