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What is the price of an air source heat pump?

An air-source heat pump is expensive initially – roughly £10,000 – but like with any long-term house investment, you must pay money up front to save money every year. In comparison to gas boiler users, the average air source heat pump owner may anticipate saving £141 per year.

Costs of installing an air source heat pump

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average air source heat pump costs roughly £10,000 to buy and install. To take full use of your new heat pump’s capabilities, you may need to install underfloor heating, improved insulation, or new radiators that are 2.5 times larger than normal ones. Although you may not need to repair all your radiators, you should anticipate replacing one-third of them in most homes. This is because a heat pump delivers heat at a lower temperature and for a longer length of time than a gas boiler.

Their slow-release characteristic is one of the reasons they’re more energy-efficient, but it also means you’ll need big surface areas in your heating equipment or insulation to keep the heat your heat pump produces.

You should engage a professional to air source heat pump installer glasgow and any other equipment; it’s a complicated operation that should only be handled by specialists, and finding one is simple. They’ll be able to show you how to utilize it quickly and effectively. You may also be eligible for one of the UK government’s grants to help defray some of the costs.

Costs of running an air source heat pump

On average, an air source heat pump costs £498 per year to operate, which is less than gas.

Let’s look at how we arrived at that amount. According to the most recent official data, the average home needs 12,176kWh for heating each year.

Fortunately, an air source heat pump produces three to four units of heat energy for every unit of power it consumes, because water retains heat better than air.

 The Coefficient of Performance of your pump is measured on a scale of one to four, which amounts to 400 percent efficiency on average.

If your pump is your main source of heat, you’ll only need 3,044kWh of power to generate the 12,176kWh of heat required to heat the average home for a year.

However, the average price of electricity is presently 16.36p per kWh, whereas gas costs just 4.17p per kWh. That’s a 3.9-fold increase.

As a result, one element lowers your costs by 400%, while the other raises them by 390%. That implies your energy expenses will be similar – but slightly lower if you have a heat pump.

With an air source heat pump, you’ll pay £498 per year instead of £507.74 with a conventional gas boiler – and there’s more to this story. The government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme allows you to profit from your air source heat pump.

Service costs for air source heat pumps

According to the Energy Saving Trust, your heat pump should supply you with warmth and hot water for at least 20 years if you do regular maintenance checks.

Every two or three years have the machine serviced by a professional to ensure that everything is in working order.

This service will cost roughly £150, so ask your installer or the manufacturer if regular maintenance may be included in your purchase agreement for a lower price.

Ask the installer to write down any maintenance checks you should perform on a regular basis before the heat pump is installed.

Simple activities like removing any leaves, dust, or snow off the heat pump’s fans and cleaning the filter will be on this list.

This will save you money in the long term by keeping your heat pump in good working order – and it’s free because you can do it yourself.

You may safeguard your heat pump system by buying a heat pump cover for the exterior unit, which can protect it from adverse weather conditions, in addition to doing regular inspections.


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