How Do We Work?

Property Evaluation Phase

The surveyor will visit your property and talk to you about what you need. Then the surveyor will do assess your property to check that your property is suitable for the Installation.

Estimation Calculation Phase.

Our designer and electrical engineers will put together a design and estimate for your project based on your property survey and customer requirements.

Deposit Protection Phase.

After the project is approved, customers must put down 25% of the project’s cost to secure your order as per MCS guidelines. Our company has insurance that protects people’s deposit money by QualitymarkProtection Insurance backed guarantee (IBG), so there is no risk in giving a deposit.

Technical Property Survey

Once have secured the package, our technical team will visit your property. They will make a schematic design for the installation project. They will also do risk assessments and check the building regulations before installing the system.

Product Installation Phase.

Our registered engineers will install the products. They will follow the manufacturer’s instructions and building regulations. The installation team will install the Air Source Heat Pump, panel mounting system and panels. MCS-qualified electricians will install the inverter and battery storage system. The system will be commissioned and tested by the electrical team. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to use the system.

Handover document Phase

A handover pack is a set of documents that we will give you within 14 business days of commissioning. This will include warranties, guarantees, and other essential documents required by Home Energy Scotland and MCS regulations.
We are a trusted, regulated and MCS accredited company