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For some homes, now is the time of year to update their heating system. The present system is either outdated or does not match the home properly. Maybe they’re moving into a brand-new house that doesn’t even have a heating system. Whatever the cause, if you need a new heating system, you should think about installing a boiler.

What are Boilers and How Do They Work?

To transfer heat throughout the residence, a boiler system does not need forced air. Instead, it circulates hot water throughout the house via a system of pipes inserted in the subfloor of each room. The heat from the water is transferred via the pipes, the floor, and up into the room. This is known as radiant heating. Occasionally, the boiler system will contain a terminal, such as an iron radiator, to help in the distribution of heat across a space.


Boilers offer several distinct benefits over other types of heating systems. They don’t have to deal with duct leaks, therefore they’re far more energy-efficient than other forced air heaters. Due to duct leaks, the average forced air heater loses up to 30% of its output. Boilers also do not produce hot and cold areas while heating a room, as forced air heaters do.

This is because heated air naturally rises to the ceiling and falls as it cools. Radiant heating directs all the heat to the room’s floor, where it is most required. These are just a few of the numerous benefits that a boiler may provide. 

Longevity. Boilers are well-known for their dependability. When you pick a boiler over a furnace, there are fewer moving parts to break down. They also have longer lifespans. A professionally fitted gas boiler will keep your house warm for many years to come.

Why choose All heating one for boiler installation?

We have a Gas Safe registration.

We are pleased to announce that we are Gas Safe registered. This means that not only are we thoroughly qualified to deal with gas boilers and other gas appliances such as gas fireplaces and gas ovens, but we are also legally permitted to do so.

It’s critical to remember that if you hire a gas engineer to come into your home to work on your gas appliances, you should double-check that they are listed on the Gas Safe website and have all of the credentials that they claim to have.

We’d be delighted if you could verify our Gas Safe registration on the Gas Safe website, or if we could show you our Gas Safe card when we visit your house.

We Can Assist With LPG

We are not only Gas Safe registered, but we are also able to provide LPG services as part of our Gas Safe registration.

This means that if you’ve been disconnected from mains gas and are having difficulty finding an expert who installs new boilers for households who are still connected to the grid, we’d be delighted to help. We’ll assist you in locating a suitable LPG boiler and installing it at a time that is convenient for you.


Call us now to work with heating professionals you can rely on. We will assist you in exploring your alternatives so that you end up with the best heater for your house and personal preferences. We recommend that you really consider a boiler installation in Paisley.  

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