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Combi Boiler Vs System Boiler – Which One Is right For You?

The finest system boilers use cold water from the mains and heat it using a heat exchanger that transfers energy from the gas to the water. The hot water is then transferred to a storage cylinder and maintained warm. This sort of boiler derives its name from the fact that the heating system is contained within the system.

When you require hot water, it is withdrawn from the tank. A system boiler does require a cylinder to hold the heated water, but it does not require a cold-water tank, as do traditional boilers.

A combi boiler is a highly efficient single device that serves as both a water heater and a heat source. When the tap or heater is turned on, the combi draws water from the mains and warms it on demand. This eliminates the requirement for a storage cylinder.

The name “combination boiler” comes from the fact that it combines two jobs, heating, and hot water, into a single boiler.

The combi boiler is particularly cost-effective since it does not require pre-heating and then storing the water. Here at All Heating One, we help you to come to the right choice for your home.

Why should you invest in a system boiler?

Let’s look at some of the advantages of a system boiler for your home.

Installation of the system boiler is easier than with standard boilers.

The earliest form of boiler is the regular boiler. Because they are not linked to the mains, unlike system and combi boilers, they require water tanks in the loft. They’ll also require a considerable piping network.

System boilers take less time to install than conventional boilers since they don’t require as many exterior parts. This saves you time and money.

Rapid reaction to the demand for hot water

System boilers with a pump can respond promptly to heating and hot water demand.

There’s no need for a cold-water tank.

In the loft, there’s no need for cold water or feed and an expansion tank (needed when fitting a regular boiler). As a result, system boilers take up significantly less space.

Thermal compatibility with the sun.

If you have solar thermal or are contemplating it, the hot water tank or cylinder can be modified to use solar energy to heat the water.

Why should you acquire a combi?

When compared to other boiler types, there are several benefits you’ll be able to experience

when installing a combi boiler, from lowering your carbon footprint to conserving space around your house.

Extremely effective

Combi boilers are meant to have an efficiency rating of at least 92%. This reduces both your carbon footprint and your heating costs.


They don’t take up much room because you only need the boiler (no tanks or cylinders). They’re also small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet, making them easier to hide.

Installation of a combi boiler is quick and easy.

The installation will be significantly faster than with system or conventional boilers since the installer will not need to install any tanks or cylinders. You will save both time and money.

Water that is instantly heated

Because the cylinder that comes with a system boiler consumes a lot of energy, you may have to wait for it to refill before you can use hot water. Combi boilers, Lpg Boiler installation on the other hand, get their water straight from the mains, ensuring that you always have hot water.

Water pressure from the mains

Because combi boilers heat water from the mains, taps should provide a steady supply of water. However, this is dependent on the quality of your home’s main water supply.

Combi or system boiler?

The choice between a system and a combi boiler depends on your home’s hot water needs.

A combi boiler is the best option for compact houses with only one bathroom. A highly efficient unit will provide you with immediate access to hot water, allowing you to save money on your energy expenses.

Combi boilers, as useful as they are, are unable to provide a steady flow of water to more than one tap, bath, or shower at the same time. As a result, if you have two or more bathrooms, you should consider installing a system boiler.

Based on the size of your home, find the ideal boiler for you:

  • Small apartment or residence
  • three bedrooms, four bedrooms
  •  House with 5 bedrooms


Describe the service you require, and we will match you with Gas Safe registered engineers in your region. A heating engineer will provide you with a free estimate for the job, which you may compare afterwards.

We understand how many various types of boilers are available, therefore we do our best to narrow down your choices. We make your decision simple by providing you with economical and tried-and-true boilers via a short and straightforward questionnaire. Please contact us using the information on our contact page.

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