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Engenera 5.74kW Solar PV System (14 Panel) with 5.2kW Battery Storage - Fully Installed

– Bespoke solar PV systems by award-winning Engenera Renewables Group

– Installed, commissioned and tested by a fully qualified team to ensure MCS compliance

– Features new and improved high energy-yielding Longi solar panels, 5kWh Huawei battery and smart energy inverter

If you have any queries regarding this package please contact us:

Please Note: 30 business days lead time is from the final confirmation of your systems design with Engenera. See Product Detail for ordering process.



– Introduction To Solar PV Systems

– System Information Pack

– Installation Information

– Longi Panel Datasheet

– Huawei Hybrid Inverter Datasheet

– Huawei Luna Battery Datasheet

Use our Solar Panel Configurator to establish which solar PV system size you require for your building before ordering.

Energy prices are at an all-time high, and there is the ever growing worry of global warming, meaning there is no better time to invest in solar power.

Engenera Renewables Group is an award-winning company in the renewable energy sector. They have become one of the market leaders in renewable installations, and were recognised as National Solar PV Installer of the Year at the 2019 Energy Efficiency Awards.

With an Engenera solar system you will receive a full solar panel design specific to your building’s roof, along with a complete report on your specific system. All systems feature new and improved Longi Solar Panels and are installed by a fully qualified engineer then commissioned and tested by the electrical team to ensure it is MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) compliant. Once complete, you’ll receive a handover pack with manuals, warranty information and maintenance advice.

Engenera are covered by HIES, the Home Insulation and Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme, a strict accreditation process that ensures high-quality is always maintained.

What is a Solar (PV) System?

Solar panel electricity systems, also known as solar photovoltaics (PV), capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells don’t need direct sunlight to work – they can still generate electricity on a cloudy day. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.


  • Reduce your electricity bills: Sunlight is free and readily available, so once you’ve paid for the initial installation your electricity costs will be reduced. You will receive a tailored report by Engenera highlighting your potential savings.
  • Cut your carbon footprint: Solar electricity is a green, renewable energy source and doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants. A typical home solar PV system could save over a tonne of carbon dioxide per year.

How is Energy Generated Stored?

Using a battery storage system allows you to capture generated solar energy that would otherwise be exported to the grid. Your system includes a 5kWh Huawei Battery, connected to a hybrid inverter. This means you can make the most of your free electricity and use it at a time that suits you. The inverter will monitor any export on your system, and will automatically charge the battery if you are producing more energy than you are consuming.

System Components

New Longi Hi-MO LR5-54HIH 440w Solar Module

  • Longi Solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, mono-crystalline solar cells
  • Sleek appearance with black frame
  • High module conversion efficiency – up to 21.5%
  • 0-3% power tolerance
  • >2% first year power degradation
  • Half-cell lower operating temperature
  • Reduced hotspot risk with optimised electrical design and lower operating current
  • 12 year warranty for materials and processing
  • 25 year warranty for extra linear power output (0.55%)

Huawei Smart Energy Inverter (SUN2000)

  • Compact, lightweight design with no buttons or LCD screen
  • IP65 water and dust resistance
  • Up to 30% more energy yield with the optimiser
  • Self-learning arc feature accurately protects systems from an arc fault
  • Features 3 LED indicators, and setup and configuration is via the easy to use FusionSolar on mobile app and web page monitoring
  • 10 year warranty

Huawei Luna Smart String Energy Storage System (LUNA2000)

  • Compact, slim line design
  • IP66 water and dust resistance
  • Stackable battery system made up of individual high-voltage modules
  • This package includes one 5kWh module which is scalable up to 30kWh
  • Energy optimizer manages the charge and discharge of each module independently
  • Supports new and old battery modules mixed in one system without energy restrictions
  • LED display features a round dial of ten LED lights to indicate the battery level
  • High Voltage Lithium (LFP) module which is widely known as one of the safest and most stable batteries available
  • AI-powered internal cell short circuit diagnosis to avoid fire hazards
  • 10 year warranty

FusionSolar Smart PV Management System

Huawei FusionSolar provides new generation inverters with smart management technology to create a fully digitalised smart solar power solution. This allows you to receive and monitor real-time data of your solar system on the FusionSolar smartphone app from anywhere.

What’s Included?

  • A complete report based on your specific system
  • Full design specific to your building’s roof
  • Specialist mounting system which suits your type of roof tile
  • Complete installation service with MCS commissioning
  • A handover pack with manuals, warranty information and maintenance advice
  • Installation warranty to cover any issue post installation

If you have any queries regarding this package please contact us

Ordering Process

1. Order your solar system based on the recommended package size for your building generated by the Solar Panel Configurator

2.You will be contacted by Engenera to request current energy rate and to confirm your property within 2 business days.

3. A remote survey will be carried out once the above data is confirmed within seven business days.

4. If a revision to the order is required Engenera will advise on which system is suitable for your property to re-order. You have the option to cancel your order or re-order the correct item.

5. Once the correct size system is confirmed Engenera will proceed to generate a complete design of your PV system, utilising 3D modelling software within eight business days.

6. Design is confirmed and confrmation given for the order to proceed.

7. An Engenera engineer will visit your property to conduct a complete technical survey within ten business days.

8. Once the survey is completed an installation date will be booked within twenty business days.

9. Where necessary, scaffolding will be erected at no additional cost to yourself.

10. Installation of the panel mounting system and panels will be completed, the inverter and battery storage system will be installed by MCS qualified electricians, the system will be commissioned and tested by the electrical team and once installation is complete a handover pack will be prepared and issued.

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