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Benefits Of A Combi Boiler System

A combi boiler (or combination boiler) was created to conserve space in the home. It gets its name from the fact that it combines a single device that provides two functions: heating and hot water. When you turn on the tap, a combi boiler draws water directly from the mains and provides you with fast hot water. Combi boilers are becoming increasingly common in houses around the United Kingdom.

1. Saves space

A combi boiler combines a water heater boiler and a central heating boiler into a single unit, considerably reducing the space required to store both. Most houses were traditionally served by a water tank and a boiler. The tank’s warm water would subsequently be sent to your taps and showers. This stand-alone system simply performs both functions. They are frequently installed in regions such as attic/loft spaces in new constructions or new boiler installations to minimize pipes and space-saving techniques in kitchens where they are traditionally placed.

2. Water under high pressure

For more pleasurable showers! As water is supplied to your taps and showers via mains electricity, you may enjoy greater water pressure. Those who use electric showers, which take cold water from the mains and heat it in the shower system, will notice a significant change in the power of the water flowing through the shower if they switch to a combi boiler and a main powered shower. Of course, the disadvantage is that if your boiler ever fails, you’re left without the ability to shower as well as heat.

3. Cost savings

Everything comes down to money, and when we can save money while getting the same or better quality, we Brits take advantage of the chance. Combi boilers are easier and less expensive to install in a home since they are a single device. They, as well as their parts, are readily accessible. So, if you’ve been maintaining a combi boiler for a long time, any parts that require changing are likely to be a little bit cheaper.

4. More environmentally friendly heating

Because water is not held in a tank and is only fed into the system when needed, combi boilers are less likely to contribute to the buildup of debris or sludge. As a result, undesired buildups are prevented, which can be costly to remove, and the entire central heating and hot water system operate more effectively.

All Heating One Our A-rated gas combi boilers are an ideal option for most houses. They are often simple to install, small, and come in a variety of sizes and outputs. Our boilers are also compatible with a variety of fuel sources, so whether you want an LPG, oil boiler, or gas combination boiler, we offer a large selection of boilers that should be able to meet your requirements. if you’re interested in getting a new combi boiler installation or if you’re having problems with the one you already have. Our experts are there to help you we are just a call away.

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