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7 Things To Know Before Buying A New Boiler In Paisley

Purchasing a new boiler is a significant and costly investment. Here are seven things to consider when purchasing a new boiler.

Buying a new boiler is an expensive and confusing procedure even under the best of circumstances, let alone when your old boiler breaks down in the cold months. To make your boiler purchase easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a boiler in this brief guide.

With the average boiler installation costing between £1,800 and £3,000, there are seven things you should know before buying a new b boiler. Once you’ve learned a bit more, arrange an appointment with one of our expert surveyors who can advise you on the best boiler for you. Our surveyors are available to you without any commitment.

The significance of a new boiler

It’s simple: the more reliable your new boiler is, the less money you’ll have to spend on costly repairs. The average cost of a boiler repair, according to our annual boilers study, is £210, which is a strong reason to choose a reputable brand.

Choose a new boiler from one of the most reliable and finest boiler brands to avoid being stuck with cold showers in a very chilly house. We are completely independent of any boiler manufacturer; but, if you ask us to suggest a boiler, we will always offer and recommend one that has a “Which?” Five Star reliability rating.

Get the opinion of your boiler engineer but think about what they say.

During the buying process, your boiler engineer will be a great source of information. He or she will be able to assist you in determining the appropriate type and size of boiler for your needs. needs. What’s less well-known is that many heating professionals are paid to install specific boiler brands.

Our surveyors are fully objective and exclusively examine your requirements. The advice is suited to your current and future needs.

The significance of after-care services

Customers may feel that it makes no difference who installs the boiler if it comes with a sufficient guarantee, but this is not the case. Most boiler manufacturers require that the installer return to inspect a damaged boiler before proceeding.

A boiler breakdown is frequently due to inadequate installation rather than a failing boiler. If a boiler manufacturer is summoned to a boiler failure that is later determined to be the result of an installation problem, the company will charge the homeowner for the callout.

What kind of new boiler are you looking for?

There are three different types of gas condensing boilers:

A combination boiler, often known as a combi boiler, warms water as needed and does not require a storage tank.

A heat-only boiler, also known as a typical boiler, has a hot water tank or cylinder that may be used to store hot water for later use.

A system boiler also requires a hot water storage tank, which is ideal for a busy home. There is no need for tanks in the loft with a pressurized hot water system, which can contribute to higher efficiency.

Our surveyor will be able to walk you through the many types of boilers and propose the best option for you.

Choosing a new, energy-efficient boiler

The good news is that if you replace an old-style boiler with a contemporary gas condensing boiler, you’ll likely save £1,705 on your energy cost. According to the current savings estimates, if you live in a detached house and replace an old-style heavyweight boiler with a modern condensing boiler, you will save £652 on average fuel expenditures.

If you already own a contemporary condensing boiler and want to replace it, the good news is that they are all extremely energy efficient.

Choosing the optimum boiler size

The boiler’s heating and hot water capabilities

The physical size of your boiler and if it will fit in the location where you want it.

The proper boiler heating size is specific to you and your home since it is determined by factors such as the number of bathrooms and the number of people who live there.

7 The cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best one.

The cost of new boiler installation might vary significantly. Many individuals believe that because the boiler being installed is the same, the work needed will be the same as well. The amount of work required varies widely. A ‘straight swap,’ as it’s known in the trade, is when one boiler is removed from the wall and replaced with another in a matter of hours.

It will take significantly longer to complete the task properly.


When it comes to determining whether to install a new boiler, we understand that it isn’t always a simple option.

Most of the time, it is an unexpected expenditure that you may not have had time to plan for, which is why The Boiler Exchange is committed to offering the finest guidance to help you make the best decision possible

Our team of experienced, competent, and fully certified Gas Safe registered experts in Paisley carry out new boiler installations and replacement boiler installations.

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